Topics include cell biology, life science research, drug discovery, clinical research, and applied sciences. Le support technique et applicatif de Promega France a le plaisir de vous proposer le deuxième épisode de la série LUMIT. Le FcRn (Neonatal Fc receptor) est un acteur incontournable de la pharmacocinétique des anticorps thérapeutiques car l’une de ces fonctions majeures est le recyclage des anticorps : en retardant leur catabolisme, la demi-vie des IgG est prolongée ce qui ouvre de DNA calculations to convert µg to pmol for double-stranded and single-stranded DNA, convert micrograms of DNA to pmol ends, calculate vector:insert molar ratio and convert OD260 readings to µg/ml. Also calculate molarity of solutions, perform molar conversions, calculate dilutions and perform other calculations common in molecular biology labs. Promega apoptosis assays include the luminescent Caspase-Glo® Assays, which detect activity of caspases involved in either the intrinsic or extrinsic apoptosis pathways. The Caspase-Glo® 3/7, 8 and 9 Assays are the most sensitive caspase assays available.

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At Promega, we take pride in applying our breadth of knowledge and experience in technology development, manufacturing and quality systems to solve the problems you face. When you talk custom with us, you work with a cross-functional team of peers who are ready to help bring your ideas to life. Promega Biotech AB Finnboda Varvsväg 16 pl 4 131 72 NACKA, Sweden Company number: 5567177893 VAT: SE556717789301 Local Sales Contacts Sweden Marketing Area: Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. Tel: 08 452 2450 Fax: +46 (0)8 452 2455 E-mail Address: Promega's Cookie Policy We use cookies and similar technologies to make our website work, run analytics, improve our website, and show you personalized content and advertising. Some of these cookies are essential for our website to work.

Milan, Italy Promega KK Tokyo, Japan Promega Korea, Ltd. Seoul, South Korea Promega Benelux b.v. Leiden, The Netherlands (Belgium/Luxembourg) Promega North America Madison, Wisconsin, USA/Canada Promega Pte Ltd. Singapore Promega Biotech Ibérica, SL Madrid, Spain Promega Biotech AB Stockholm, Sweden (Denmark/Estonia A collection of interactive web tools and downloadable software to help you do your work, including calculators for molecular biology research, primer designers, and instrument software. Promega Biotech Ibérica COVID-19 Response Award.

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Your commerce experience may be limited. We at Studentwork are looking for a Brand Ambassador for our client Promega Biotech AB. The position is part-time (10 h/week) with a permanent contract.

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Promega biotech ab

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Promega biotech ab

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Promega biotech ab

E-mail: Customer Services:; Technical Services: Adresse: Promega Biotech AB Branch Office, Finnboda Varvsväg 16, 131 73 NACKA, Sweden Indhold i box-in-a-box-5 Promega supplies high-quality, performance-tested restriction endonucleases for restriction digest and cloning needs. Choose from a large catalog of restriction enzymes, including a subset of enzymes that are capable of rapid digestion of DNA in 15 minutes or less. For Promega enzymes, the incubation temperature, supplied buffer, and activity in other Promega buffers is provided. A red background indicates that the enzyme/buffer combination exhibits star activity.

131 73 Nacka. Sweden. Tel 020402300.
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